Waitrose Community Matters awards the Squadron with £216 after their shoppers voted with green tokens instore!

Bwaitrose1ack in Sepetember, the Squadron were given a place in the sought after community matters scheme that Waitrose run locally, in almost every store in the UK. The idea is that every Waitrose store donates £1000 to local causes every month, but they ask their shoppers to decide who gets what. At the end of their shop, shoppers are awarded with a green token and asked to drop this into a box with the name of the local cause they would like to support that month. The more tokens that the cause gets, the bigger the donation they receive.

In December, the scores were finally released and we were awarded £216 from Waitrose and the local community!

The money will be put towards the main project currently running on the Squadron, improving the Flight Simulator that aids the cadets in their training.

Squadron Commander, Flight Leiutenant Adrian Jones said that “it is agreat that Waitrose involve the local community in donating to local causes. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to raise some much needed funds, but to also remind the residents of Hitchin that they have a local Air Cadet squadron that needs their support.”

We thank Dee and Simon for coming to the Squadron on a parade night to present the cheque to the cadets on the Squadron and hope to work with Hitchin Waitrose in the future!